Portraits by Porter

Featuring the art of Jay Brandt, a Graphic Artist and Cartoonist specializing in 'furry anthropomorphic' cartoons and caricatures.

"Porter" is the handsome canine fellow on the left - my primary furry personna in various on-line roleplaying forums, such as Master Zen Dao Meow.

Website: www.polyhedrongroup/com/pbp/

E-Mail and PayPal payments: porter@polyhedrongroup.com

Welcome to my art studio!

If you've ever envisioned yourself, or a roleplaying character, as an anthropomorphic dog, cat, dragon, or some other animal, my studio is a place where you can commission a portrait of your furry personnas. I can also draw Humans, Elves, Fairies, or other fantasy and science fiction art.

If you would like to hire me to draw your character, send me an e-mail at porter@polyhedrongroup.com, with a description of the character and how you would like them presented. Prices for paid work are quite reasonable, and the final price depends on the complexity of the subject and the number of characters. For examples with typical prices, please check my pricing guide. Completed works can be delivered in a variety of electronic formats, or printed at 600 DPI on photo glossy paper, suitable for framing, and mailed to you.

Regards, Jay Brandt (AKA "Porter")

Some recent examples of my work:

Art Galleries:

Most of my recent work is displayed in my DeviantArt gallery, where I can get feedback on how many people have viewed each piece, and their comments on the work. That gallery is at portermzdm.deviantart.com.

Some of my older works can be found in this gallery.

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